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February 2nd, 2016 by

For all of 2016, GMC has chosen to partner with an organization called Building for America’s Bravest, a program that builds custom smart homes for our service members who have been catastrophically injured. We will be raising money to support this incredible organization. Here is where you come in. GMC has committed to match the money every dealership raises, up to $5,000, hoping to set a goal of $10,000 coming from every dealer who participates. But we agreed with their thinking and want to throw in that same match as well and bump the goal to $15,000. However, we think you all are capable of a lot more. We think we can raise $10,000 and bring our total contribution goal to $20,000. $20,000 to men whose lives are forever changed because they stepped up to take on the risk associated with protecting your freedom.

We are collecting donations at our cashier’s window on the service drive. You can come in to make a standalone donation or simply add it onto your bill the next time you are in for service.

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